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About Deborah Toussaint


I am a passionate advocate for exquisite self-care and healing through shifting perspective, mindset awareness and personal transformation. I take a powerful yet gentle and supportive stand for what is possible and achievable for myself, my family, clients, individuals, women and men equally who are lost or searching for more in their lives.

I have created and run many award-winning and successful business’s and celebrated many thriving careers, I have a list of achievements and an entrepreneurial makeup however behind the superwoman the world saw I was broken, depleted, stuck and unhappy, every achievement meant nothing, I hated my body and the hurt, shame and discomfort from the past kept showing up – I just wanted so much to feel loved and appreciated.

With the defining moments of leaving home at 11 years old, not having a conventional upbringing, becoming a parent, taking a stand to break free from a narcissistic relationship, a relationship riddled with domestic violence and betrayal, a disgusting sexual advance by a trusted mentor and feeling great shame and a lack of support I finally came to a place of freedom. I learned to dig deeper into my psyche, discover the gifts in my challenges and tap into the benefits and empowerment that can be gained through personal transformation and proper self-care.

Everyone deserves love, kindness and support, their voices count. Everyone has the right to step into their greatness and shine and not be shadowed with shame and pain from the past. I don’t want anyone to feel alone, helpless and unsupported, this is why I have created my products and business.

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About Deborah Toussaint


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My gift of compassion, artistry and a distinct spiritual calling led me to create an inspirational range of books and cards to get people from where they are now to where it is they want to be, effectively, affordable and fast, moving them towards living their dreams, letting go of their past, speaking their truth, creating the relationship and intimacy they desire, to fully celebrate who they are and fully live each day with love, gratitude, forgiveness, passion and aliveness.

My love for working, living, healing, collecting and crafting with crystals since I was a little girl lead me to introduce crystals from all of the world for my clients – I’d love you to take a look in my store.

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Ignite your life – The Workshops


Most people who buy books and programs often never use or finish them, they never get to meet or work directly with the author. For this reason, I have created two workshops which cover the essential elements of the book Ignite Your Life and is an introduction to using the daily card decks so that looking after you, achieving your goals and incorporating these concepts into your life is easy.

Working with me in a group setting is fun, affordable and life-changing.

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Ignite your Life Book with a 30 minutes consultation with Deborah $49.95 plus postage

Ignite your Life Book $29.95 plus postage

Ignite your Life Book plus IGNITE 3hr workshop $59.95 plus postage

"I dare you to embrace all of who you are, all of your depth, all of your flaws and to never hold yourself in, love yourself in the shadows and in the light, show your true colours proudly and explore every inch of who you are, bare your soul, let your dreams take flight, let your inner beauty glow and your presence be known, you are a unique individual who is always loved - Be brave, be bold and ignite your life, it's your birthright to shine!"

                                                   Deborah Toussaint


Crystals and Mystical Gifts

  NEW! We now stock a range of crystals and mystical items. Cleansing, Crystals, Geodes, Massage Tools and more.





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